We ♥ eucalyptus, in fact our garden plants are not growing fast enough to use it as much as we would like to! With its simple, sage green leaves and soothing scent it is easy to see why it remains our favourite throughout the year.



So this is why we dedicated our very first blog to this versatile plant and to share three easy ideas about how to style it in your home for that clean, elegant look:


1. Start with a vase

A simple glass vase with a few springs of eucalyptus is all you need to add simple elegance to any room in your home. Next week we will use it to style the bathroom and the week after we will put it on the sidetable next to our bed.


2. As a table setting

With just a few springs of eucalyptus, you can make a long-lasting table centrepiece that is fresh and simple. It is perfect for styling your table for those long lazy Sunday lunches or cosy dinners. Have you smelled the subtle and yet so fresh hint of mint and honey?


3. Gift Wrapping

Last but not least, we love to use eucalyptus for wrapping gifts throughout the year; all you need is some brown wrapping paper (from IKEA for example), string (ideally wrapped in an irregular pattern as in the picture) and some eucalyptus. Simple, elegant and the sweet smell comes as a bonus!


How do you style eucalyptus in your home? We would love to hear from you!

Happy decorating ♥


What we used for the images in this blogpost:
Picture 2: See through glass vase ex. by Hübsch, Ferm Living cutting board, EigenHuis&Interieur magazine.
Picture 3: Ikea table cloth, Broste Copenhagen cutlery, Glasses House Doctor.
Picture 4: Ikea brown and white paper, brown string you can find at most hobby stores, IKEA scissor, black leather string (store in Switzerland).

And of course lots of fresh eucalyptus 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dorbeck

    Leuke blog – dank jullie wel!

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      Hartelijk dank!!

  2. Gogo32

    Ich liebe Eucalyptus!

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  3. Katka

    great ideas!

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      Thank you!


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